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Q: I accidently completed the task, how do I reverse it?

A: If the task belongs to a closed project, it can't be reversed. If the task belongs to an open project, you can downgrade the project. Simply open the project that the task belongs to and click the “Downgrade” button.


If the task is custom (not part of a project), it can be reopened by opening this task again (please note, it will be in a group of closed tasks) and click the “Reopen task” button.


Q: Can I assign one task to two people?

A: While you cannot assign a task to two people, you can create a “special user” and get your staff to complete the projects and tasks assigned to this user. The special user must be active to allow other users to complete its assigned projects and tasks.


Q: Is there a way to select multiple clients do projects at one time?

A: Yes. Please read the "Select user form" topic to familiarize with this feature.


Q: Can I delete a task from the project?

A: If the project is already created, you can only fail the task or complete the task you want to exclude from a certain project. If you need to delete a task from the project permanently and it isn’t  in the projects you will open in the future, you must go to “Edit project templates.” From here, select the project you want to modify, click “Modify project template workflow” and delete the task you don't need in this project.


Q: Is it possible to change ownership of a task?

A: Yes. You can reassign the task to another user of the system if you have the appropriate permission. Select a task in the grid of the Dashboard or at the “View tasks” window and click the “Reassign Task” button. You can also reassign the task when it is open in a separate window.


Q: How can I see the status of tax returns with approaching expiration date?

A: In TaxWorkFlow, the expiration date is referred to as a deadline. Every time you create a task or a project you can assign a deadline to them. You can sort projects or tasks by their deadline in the grid and find the information you need.


Q: How do I make sure that specific steps of the project are going to the correct employee?

A: To make sure a step is going to the appropriate person, you need to create a rule for the corresponding task in the project. To do this, go to “Administration > project templates”, in the window that appears and select the project that contains the task that you want to assign to a particular person. Double-click on this task to edit it and select the user that you would like this task to be assigned to each time it is created in future.


Q: How do users get notified that a new task or project is assigned to them?

A: TaxWorkFlow’s built-in email system will send a notification to a user immediately after a task is assigned to them. It is important to make sure that each user’s account is set up correctly to receive these notifications. The users’ account must have a valid email address and the “Subscribe this user to automatic projects and tasks email notifications” checkbox must be checked.


Q: I have a monthly recurring project – and set the first project to start. I automatically set up projects for a few more months. The manually created project set up the tasks correctly, but the others all have a custom task showing up. What is it for?

A: That's the extra task for automatically created projects - a reminder to double-check the workflow. It does not happen for manual project creation because you customize the project when creating it already. You can just simply complete it.


Q: When the projects recur each week/month, how do we get the staff member that is in charge of that client to show as the responsible person on that project?

A: We can make it to re-use the previous project's workflow; so the default template will not be used for this client moving forward.


Q: Is there a way to choose whether or not to have some of the criteria recur with the project, rather than defaulting to the template? (i.e. notes, staff, tasks, if we need an extra task included for a specific client).

A: Yes we can make certain changes to that. When you start setting up the workflow, and run into an issue when you need some extra rule/note etc. reoccurring, we can accommodate that request for you.


Q: Can tasks reoccur?

A: No, only projects can reoccur. But the project can consist of just one task that is created automatically, and when you close this task, the project will be closed as well.


Q: Is there any option to print reports?

A: Yes, you can export any table to Excel. For example, you can use filters to build a certain client list or task list and then export it to Excel.


Q: How much master accounts can be set up for one secondary account?

A: Only one master account is possible.


Q:  In the project instruction portion, why doesn’t it change when a task is completed and show where the project is at?

A: project instruction is created to describe the work for the whole project though it can sound the same as some task from the project.


Q:  Is there a way to have a column that lists who is working on the task without have to open the project and open the task? Can this be a column on the main project page?

A: No, there's no such column.


Q: When a problem is made she would like to know is there any way that she can see this on the main project page without having to open the task to see the problem?

A: Right now you can't see project's problems from the main project page.


Q: Can Inactive Users still access TaxWorkFlow?

A: Inactive users can't access the TaxWorkFlow. However, they will show up in the user lists inside the TaxWorkFlow (until you reassign tasks/projects away from them). Then you can hide them to remove from the lists.