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Small CPA Firms Shouldn’t Compromise When It Comes to Workflow Solutions

With the majority of accounting firms at least recognizing (if not implementing) the need to automate their workflow during tax season and beyond, the question then becomes: Which solution is the right one for your firm? This is a particularly tough question for firms that are smaller in scale, when they survey what the market has to offer. Most tax and practice workflow solutions simply don’t work for small accounting firms for a multitude of reasons including cost, the inability to be customized, and lack of integrations with other firm functions.  

TaxWorkFlow, a comprehensive practice management solution developed by a CPA for tax and accounting professionals, is different. Built on an intuitive, Windows-based platform that also leverages the storage capacity of the cloud, TaxWorkFlow simplifies tax preparation and other accounting processes while ensuring the optimal organization of client data, efficient internal and external communication, and successful tax return completion.

Over the past several years, TaxWorkFlow has proven itself to be an ideal workflow solution for small firms for four key reasons:

  1. Its intuitive native Windows interface is specifically designed to meet the operational needs of small-firm users. 
  1. It offers the ability to create completely customized workflows with a unique ticket-and-task structure that includes both pre-defined processes and the ability to create those specific to the firm. 
  1. It allows firms to easily establish and manage strong client connections using comprehensive CRM and communication tools. 
  1. It fits the small firm business model. Enterprise-level workflow solutions cannot meet the needs of small firms from the standpoint of budget or streamlined, yet customizable functionality. TaxWorkFlow provides the best alternative: an affordable, completely customizable solution that can transform the productivity and profitability of small firms.

As client expectations increase and the time in which CPA firms have to respond to them continues to decrease, small firms will find themselves having to adapt to the market shift toward automated processing and digital services faster than ever. Industry experts agree that having the right workflow solution that fits the unique needs of your firm is critical—and it’s an investment that small firms, especially, should not compromise on when finding a solution that will allow them to provide seamless, efficient and profitable services.

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