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  • Software Questions:
    This block contains the most frequent questons regarding TaxWorkFlow application, including its compatibility, integration options, data storage features and more.
    Can I use TaxWorkFlow (TWF) software for other practice management functions besides tax?
    Yes, one of the unique features of TaxWorkFlow is that the software can be customized to accommodate any sequential accounting process or engagement function.

    Can I use TaxWorkFlow with any tax software?
    Yes, the software can integrate with any tax software.

    Does TaxWorkflow integrate with other software solutions?
    Yes, the software can integrate with other software solutions including QuickBooks and other professional grade software.

    How customizable is the system?
    One of the most powerful features of TaxWorkFlow is that it can be completely customized to the unique needs of each firm. TaxWorkFlow’s unique ticket-and-task structure includes both pre-defined processes and the ability to create completely customized workflows.

    What kind of “standard” exceptions are built into the software?
    TaxWorkFlow includes automatic generation of exceptions when certain conditions are met or certain requirements fail. There are exceptions that are pre-defined and there is also the option of setting manual exceptions customized at the individual client level at specified points in the workflow.

    How does the software comply with current IRS statutes and regulations?
    Yes, TaxWorkFlow is regularly updated to reflect all changes in the IRS tax code.

    Is the software compatible and/or supported on Citrix (XenApp)?
    Yes, it can run on any Windows physical or virtual machine.

    Are uploaded documents actually embedded in the database, or separate from the client database?
    Embedded (stored as BLOBs – binary large objects). This feature provides an easy integration with other systems, quick search inside application, links to tasks tickets and other substances.

    How can stored documents be exported back out of TaxWorkFlow?
    It can be exported into a folder recreating the folders tree of the database. You can also export just one branch of the folders tree.

    Are you integrated with ProSeries?

    How many people can use TaxWorkFlow in the company?
    You can have unlimited users of TaxWorkFlow in your company.

    What data is stored locally, and which is stored on TaxWorkFlow’s cloud?
    Only some private user settings are stored locally. Everything else is in the cloud. However we do have an option to install everything locally in your database (MS SQL Server or MySQL Server).

    How are clients records secured in the cloud?
    TaxWorkFlow uses SSL protocol for connecting to the cloud, login and password are encrypted.
    How is client data backed up?
    The client data is replicated in real time to an off-site location to ensure immediate availability of the data from a secondary location in case of a catastrophic event at the primary location.
    Where is the cloud located?
    The cloud is located in our own cabinet on our own servers in New Jersey in Equinix NY4 datacenter. Only our staff has access to this cabinet. Learn more about this datacenter at
    Do you store any data at datacenters in foreign countries?
    No, there’re no any other foreign countries involved. TaxWorkFlow LLC is a NYC-based company.
    Can I later move database from the cloud to inhouse servers?
    Yes, we can help you to do this anytime.
    Do I need to store a full EIN/SSN of my clients anywhere in the system?
    No, you may put just 4 last digits of client’s EIN/SSN in the database.
    What are the unique functions/capabilities of TaxWorkFlow?
    To learn more about TaxWorkFlow’s robust functionality and unique capabilities please visit our Features and Benefits pages.
  • Hardware Questions:
    Here you can find questions about TaxWorkFlow operating system requirements, data integration and migration abilities, data security features, etc.
    Is TaxWorkFlow a cloud-based or server-based solution?
    TaxWorkFlow is a unique hybrid software application that combines the processing speed of a PC desktop platform with the enhanced data storage capacity of a cloud-based solution.
    How is client data secured and backed up? Where is data stored?
    The client data is replicated in real time to an off-site location to ensure immediate availability of the data from a secondary location in case of a catastrophic event at the primary location. Client data is stored on TaxWorkFlow’s own dedicated servers in our own rack space in the Equinix NY4 data center.
    How can I integrate and/or migrate data in and out of the system to other platforms?
    TaxWorkFlow allows you to import customer information from your existing tax system using an Excel spreadsheet. It also allows you to batch-import the documents from a file system with automatic categorization.
    Does the software have to be installed on each PC where it is used.
    Yes, because the system is a hybrid desktop/cloud solution, each user must install the program on their workstation.
    My computer is quite old, will the application run on it?
    Yes. We don't use .Net/Java technologies, TaxWorkFlow is a native Windows application so it will run fast even on a 7-years old Windows XP computer utilizing all cores of your CPU for faster response times.
    What are the minimum operating system requirements for the software?
    To use TaxWorkFlow you need the following: Windows XP, Vista, Ultra, 7, 2008, both 32 and 64 bit, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB Hard disk space, high-speed Internet connection (at least 1Mbps upload 5Mbps download speeds).
    Can TWF be used on a MAC or mobile device?
    No. Windows is the only operating system supported for TaxWorkFlow at this time.
    What type of internet speed should I have?
    You can use any internet connection, but fast internet will save your time for uploading and downloading documents, for example.
  • Service Questions:
    Expand this block to familiarize with frequent questions about TaxWorkFlow service, including price structure, support and training services included, trial period and more.
    What types of support and training services are included?
    Your TaxWorkFlow purchase includes telephone and email support, in addition to a downloadable User Guide to help you learn and maximize TaxWorkFlow’s benefits.
    What is the turnaround time to address client issues?
    Generally, we aim to address all client requests and issues within 24 to 48 hours.
    What is the price structure of TWF? Is it Per Seat, Per User or Per Firm?
    TaxWorkFlow annual pricing is as follows on a per-firm basis:


    Subject to sales tax in New York and New Jersey.
    I see that the annual pricing is $1500 per firm. What is the cost for subsequent years?
    We permanently lock the price at $1500. The annual fee will remain the same as long as you remain our client.
    How does trial period work? What are the payment arrangements?
    The trial period is really the period during which we are implementing the software and training your staff. This is done via the webinars where we interview you and understand your requirements, and at the same time we customize the system for you. So you don't have to learn the system to initially setup and start using it. You do not have to pay anything until you confirm that the system we provided and customized meets your needs.
    What will be happen if we stop the subscription?
    If you stop the subscription we will permanently delete your account along with all the data from the cloud. Before deleting you may wish to export all your clients and documents so you don’t lose any data. We’ll be happy to assist you transferring the data to another system.
  • Functionality Questions:
    Please select the topic of TaxWorkFlow functionality frequently asked questions below. The appropriate chapter of the on-line help will be opened in the new window.