Client Relationship Management (CRM) System

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Q: Can I import clients from QuickBooks®?

A: Yes, you can import clients from QuickBooks® using a built-in wizard.


Q: How can I transfer all of my clients’ data from another system to TaxWorkFlow?

A: You can export the data to an Excel® spreadsheet and then import it into TaxWorkFlow using the “Import clients from Excel” feature.


Q: What happens when a client has moved, has a new phone number or some other client information has changed?

A: You can advise clients to log into the Client Portal and update their information. You can also synchronize data with QuickBooks® or Lacerte® if you use these platforms. Alternatively, you can export new data from where it resides and import it into TaxWorkFlow. The CRM reconciliation tool will help you avoid duplicate client records when you import client data to TaxWorkFlow.


Q: How can I make client-related notes?

A: You can add notes for a particular client in the “Edit Client” form. In this view, all notes added to the client’s tasks and projects will also be visible.


Q: Is there a calendar/schedule function?

A: Yes, the calendar function is available when you have Microsoft Exchange® server integration and the client portal module. This calendar features dual synchronization with your Outlook™ calendar (so you can book a meeting in either TaxWorkFlow or Outlook and the calendar slot will be marked as “Busy”).


Q:  Is there a setting to remove a discontinued client from the system without deleting the client altogether?

A: By default, you can un-delete the client after you delete him/her. It's not a permanent wipe-out and you can have it back later.


Q:  Can we add two businesses to the client? We have a few clients that own multiple companies, how do we or can we do this?

A: Unfortunately you can't assign numerous companies to one client. You need to create separate account for each company of the client.